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FusionAnalytics Settings

This part of the page is used to control how the FusionAnalytics Connector will handle log files for transfer to FRAM or FusionAnalytics DataCollector. The options in the drop down box are listed below in the note.

Configuration Description Default
FusionAnalytics Connect Mode Controls how the FusionAnalytics Connector will handle log files for transfer to FRAM or FusionAnalytics DataCollector.

FusionAnalytics Connect Modes:

Sent to targets by this instance - Log files are compressed and sent locally. This mode does not require FRAM to be available.

Sent to targets by FRAM - Log files are compressed by FRAM. If FRAM is not available, falls back to Sent to targets by this instance. This mode optimizes transfer of archives by having FRAM compress and send files to FusionAnalytics.

Sent by this instance (uncompressed) - No compression is performed. Each log file is sent to FRAM or FusionAnalytics directly and uncompressed. After rotation, if this mode is active, the original folder is not deleted. No archives are created.

Disabled - The FusionAnalytics Connector is disabled. No log files are sent to FusionAnalytics.

After you have selected your option click Save FusionAnalytics Settings.

Since FRAM itself has no FusionAnalytics targets, the targets to which logs are sent are always those of the local instance, regardless of which Connector mode is active.

Proxy Configuration

Configuration Description Default
Enable Proxy FusionAnalytics Use this setting to Enable/Disable the use of the proxy server with the FusionAnalytics connections. Do not use proxy

FRAM Target

This tab of the settings page allows you to change the FRAM target settings.

Name Description Default
Host This is the ip or hostname of the server that is running the FRAM instance.
Currently only local FRAM targets are allowed.
Port This is the port on which FRAM is running, this is set during the FusionReactor setup process, and defaults to 8087 8087
Path This is the web root of the FusionReactor instance on the given host and port. This is the same as the Web Root setting under FusionReactor Settings on the FRAM target. /fusionreactor
User Name This is the rest user name of the FRAM instance. This can be seem in the FusionReactor Settings page under FR-REST API Access on the FRAM target. restuser
Password This is the rest password for the FRAM instance. This can be set in the FusionReactor Settings page under Change FR-REST Password on the FRAM target.
HTTPS This will indicate to FusionReactor whether or not to use HTTPS to send the request to FRAM, see the following: Setting Up FRAM with HTTPS Disabled
Test FRAM This will perform a test connection to the FRAM target to test that the FRAM target can be contacted, ensure that any changes are saved before testing the target. Test Fram