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Integration allows you to ingest vital metrics to monitor the health of your entire infrastructure, with metrics from all aspects of your application stack.

Metric exporters are libraries that expose integration metrics to an agent. At FusionReactor, we have developed a wrapper for the Grafana Agent called the Observability Agent which allows you to ingest metrics with minimal configuration required.

With our Observability Agent you can ingest any data into the FusionReactor Cloud, and visualise your data within the Integration dashboards.


The Observability Agent is available via standalone installers or via Docker images.


Exporters are available in many forms and allow you to monitor many aspects of your infrastructure including:

🔸Databases 🔸 IIS 🔸Machine system metrics 🔸Nginx 🔸Kubernetes

🔸Kafka & other message busses 🔸Docker 🔸& many more...


Depending on your choice of agent, exporters can be integrated within the agent, or may require scraping periodically.

Viewing your metrics

Scraped metrics will be available in both Explore and the Integrations Dashboard within the FusionReactor Cloud.

Getting started

Step 1: Generate an API key.

To generate a new API key, go to your account settings page in FusionReactor Cloud Account Settings.

Under the API keys tab, click generate and create a key.


If you created an API key for log ingest already, you can reuse this key.

Step 2: Deploy Observability Agent

Learn more

Observability Agent

Need more help?

Contact support in the chat bubble and let us know how we can assist.