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FusionReactor Notification Generator Plugin

The Notification Generator plugin allows you to create notifications whilst logged into FusionReactor. See the Notifications page for information on what a notification is.


To create a notification navigate to FusionReactor > Notifications > Create Notification.

Field Description
Notification Title The notification title, for example it might be "The server is being shutdown"
Notification Type The type of notification. Types include Information, Warning or Error. This allows you to communicate the intent of the notification to observers. For example if you were restarting your server you would set the Notification Type to Information.
Notification Message The notification message, for example it might be "The server is being shutdown for maintenance"

Once you are satisfied click the button titled Create Notification and the notification will be created.

Status Log - plugin-fr-notification-generator-plugin.log

The Notification Generator plugin creates a log file called plugin-fr-notification-generator-plugin.log which contains information on the status of the plugin, when it started, stopped and if there were any problems. Below is a table explaining what all the attributes in the log file mean.

Field Name Number Description
Date (Formatted) 1 The date on which this log entry was written.
Time (Formatted) 2 The time on which this log entry was written.
Level 3 Log Level basically means the nature of the log, for example INFO means general information, where as ERROR means an error is being logged. SEVERE means something really bad has happened, this will be typically followed by the a generated exception.
Log message 4 Contains a message of an event that occurred such as logging that has started.