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Semantic Span Attributes

Attribute Key/Name Attribute Value Obfuscated/Unset when -Dfr.observability.trace.attributes.semantics.obfuscation.enabled=true Remote hostname. True
net.peer.port Remote port. True
db.user The username for accessing the database. Attribute is disabled by default. True
db.statement The database statement being executed. True
db.system Name of the database system being used. e.g. mysql, mariadb, etc. False Name of the database. False
db.operation The database operation being executed as uppercase. e.g. INSERT, CREATE, etc. False
db.sql.table The database table being executed against. Warning: Is forced to lowercase. False Name value of the cfquery. False Datasource value of the cfquery. False

Span Name

Span names for JDBCRequests have the format of {db.operation} {}.{db.sql.table}.

Things to be aware of

  • DB2 may not have a db.user attribute.
  • The database table name is always forced to lowercase.
  • DerbyEmbedded and DerbyMemory will have the attribute set as embedded.

Properties for JDBCRequest

Check the attributes page for general properties that affect JDBCRequests. | Property Key | Default | Description | | -- | -- | -------- | | fr.observability.trace.jdbc.extra_attributes.enabled | false | When enabled, sets the db.user span attribute. |

Example Span

Example of a JDBCRequest span generated using <cfquery name="q" datasource="cfbookclub">.