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This page lists the process that are currently running on your system.

This page is not visible to Observer level user.

This table lists  process running on your system, showing the following values for each process:

  • Process Name - File Name: The name of the process or the name of the executable file.
  • PID: The process ID for the process
  • User: The system user the process is running as.
  • Time: The time the process has been running for in the format HH:MM:SS.sss
  • Mem - Working set: The percentage of system memory this process is using, and the size in MB of the current working set.
  • CPU: The percentage of CPU time the process is using.
  • Open File Descriptors: The number of open files used by the process.
  • No. Threads: The number of threads used by the process.
  • Priority: The CPU priority for the process.
  • Details (button): This button will bring you to the 'Process Details' page for the respective process. Please see Process Details for more information