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Semantic Span Attributes

Attribute Key/Name Attribute Value Obfuscated/Unset when -Dfr.observability.trace.attributes.semantics.obfuscation.enabled=true
net.peer.ip Remote IP. True Remote hostname. True
net.peer.port Remote port. True Name of the database. False
db.operation The database operation being executed. False
db.statement The database statement being executed. True
db.system Name of the database system being used. In this case, mongodb. False
db.mongodb.collection The mongodb collection being executed against. False

Span Name

Span names for MongoDB transaction spans take the form {db.operation} {}.{db.mongodb.collection}.

Things to be aware of

  • Semantic attributes aren't available for mongo-async-driver with versions earlier than 3.3.0
  • Semantic attributes may be less accurate for versions earlier than 3.1.0
  • Transaction settings, MongoDB Explain and Capture MongoDB results, aren't supported for new versions. It's best to disable them when using versions 4.0.0 and later.

Properties for MongoDB

Check the attributes page for general properties that can affect MongoDB transactions.

Property Key Default Description
fr.observability.trace.propagation.mongoreadoperation.enabled true If enabled, allows MongoDB transactions to propagate trace context to ReadOperation, resulting in ReadOperation being a child span of MongoDB span.
fr.observability.trace.sampling.fullmongotrace.enabled true If enabled, spans will be created for all Mongo related transactions. If disabled, spans will only be created for the main MongoDBConnection/MongoDBCommand transactions, when commands are sent to Mongo.
fr.observability.trace.mongodb.listener.enabled true If enabled, an attempt will be made to add a CommandListener to MongoClients to achieve improved tracing.
fr.observability.trace.mongodb.clonedocument.enabled false If enabled, will clone the command document in the CommandListener when it used.
fr.observability.trace.mongodb.statement.length.max 32 * 1024 The maximum length for the db.statement span attribute for MongoDB spans.

Example Span

Example of a Mongo trace. The spans with names starting with find and getMore are the main/operation spans.
Example of a Mongo async trace.