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What's New

FusionReactor 12.0.1 released

  • Fixes potential bug in FR agent start up.

FusionReactor 12.0.0 released

  • Integration of the Observability Agent within FRAM.
  • Ability to automatically detect supported application servers within FRAM.
  • Improved support for Lucee 6 and Tomcat 10 within FRAM
  • New cloud group configuration option for ColdFusion, Tomcat and Lucee within FRAM.
  • Other fixes and improvements

FusionReactor 11.0.1 released

  • Includes bug fix for sessions tracking

FusionReactor 11.0.0 released

Java 7 support removed

FusionReactor now requires Java 8 or above. Support for Java 7 has been dropped as a result of security improvements.

  • Includes security updates to remove CVEs
  • New integration with Deep
  • Jakarta servlet support - now supporting WebRequest features and tracking for newer versions of Tomcat and Wildfly amongst others
  • dbpoolstats log now sent to the cloud as part of the metrics group
  • Changes to default settings used by Email Notifications - User-Agent always shown and maximum SQL statement length increased to 2000
  • Improved transaction tracking for Redisson 3.16.8 and later
  • Other fixes and improvements

FusionReactor 10.0.2 released


Cloud data now requires FusionReactor to be running on Java 8 or above. Live data will still work for Java 7.

  • Cloud support for M1 Macs.
  • New cloud transaction views/filters (error history, longest transactions, slow transactions, event snapshots, requests by memory)
  • Request content capture can be configured to only capture responses only as well as the ability to capture either headers or body only.
  • Fix to always use the correct file path for scraping Lucee app logs.
  • Prevent passwords being reset in the scenario where they haven't changed when settings are saved.
  • Fixed a bug concerning settings which could cause some configuration items to be cleared in certain cases.
  • HTTP connections to FusionReactor cloud have been deprecated.

FusionReactor 10.0.1 released

  • Further support for Coalesce images.
  • Fix for sending cloud data via proxy.
  • Cloud health status icon now includes status of telemetry shippers.
  • -Dfrhomepage now correctly overrides the homepage and disables the Set Home Page button.
  • now disables the chat icon in the bottom-left and the chat bubbles at top-right.

FusionReactor 10.0.0 released

  • Support for ColdFusion 2023.
  • Metrics are exported via Prometheus Remote Write, replacing datapack.
  • Within cloud, child/sub transactions are attached to transactions which are slow or have errors and weren't originally sampled (ITTs).
  • User role is passed through when visiting links to ephemeral servers via Enterprise Dashboard.
  • Improved server detection for CommandBox.
  • JMS/MDB transaction tracking.
  • Fix for host and port detection for OkHttp transactions when host has underscores (EXAMPLE_HOST).
  • Added telemetry shippers to Cloud status page.
  • Support for Coalesce Azure image.
  • Fix for ColdFusion fileExists function when used with S3 and auth/keys.
  • No longer export Profiles logs.
  • Various JVM arguments for:
  • Disabling server detection for CommandBox.
  • Setting homepage for all users.
  • Setting passwords for manager and observer roles.
  • Disabling email notification from reports plugin.

FusionReactor 9.2.2 released

  • JSONInterposer no longer writes to a byte array when disabled.
  • Spans now have a status code representing their status (0=UNSET, 1=OK, 2=ERROR).
  • CF metrics disabled by default (Disables cache query stats in realtimestats.log.

To enable CF Metrics:

  • CF metrics: new stats for the amount of cached queries per application.
  • Fix for Windows log shipping.
  • Reduced size of JDBCRequest spans, db.user span attribute disabled by default.

FusionReactor 9.2.1 released

  • Fixed bug, within the Web Metrics pages, for displaying the total requests that occurred during the last 60 seconds.
  • Added new system property, which is enabled by default, to disable CF query monitoring for Redis cache users.
  • Fixed bug which prevented event snapshots from being sent to the cloud.

FusionReactor 9.2.0 released

  • Trace propagation to enable Distributed Tracing with FR.
  • Lucee CFThread tag tracking.
  • RabbitMQ tracking.
  • KafkaStreams tracking.
  • Increased CF metrics support for ColdFusion 2021.
  • Custom labelling for metrics, logs, and traces.

FusionReactor 9.1.0 released

  • Added ability to specify a fallback LDAP server.
  • Improved labelling, configuration and scraping of the log shipper.

Explore & Dashboards now in FusionReactor Cloud

  • The new FusionReactor Explore page is an improved way of analyzing your metrics.
  • New Dashboard views in the FusionReactor Cloud including:
    • Database monitoring
    • Request performance monitoring
    • Instance health monitoring
    • System resource monitoring
    • Application monitoring
    • Infrastructure monitoring
    • Log monitoring dashboards

Log monitoring now in the FusionReactor Cloud

  • Added user API key creation in the Cloud Accounts page.
  • Added log ingest routes to support logging agents such as Promtail, Logback, Log4j and Fluentbit.
  • Introduced Logging dashboards including:
    • Dashboards to search and filter logs from sources such as ColdFusion, Application Server or FusionReactor logs.
    • Dashboards to track down the root cause of error logs.
    • Dashboards to Query and browse all ingested logs.
    • Dashboards to see how much data you are ingesting.
    • Dashboards to identify memory and CPU bottlenecks via logs.
  • Introduced log alerting to notify you of changes in log behavior.

FusionReactor 9.0.0 released

  • FusionReactor 9.0.0 introduces a log shipper, allowing you to ingest log data into the FusionReactor Cloud.
  • Application logs will be shipped by default, with the option to scrape additional logs within your server.
  • Bug fixes for JDBc tracking in Lucee and obfuscation in Crash Protection emails.

FusionReactor 8.8.0 released

- Improved user password generation for greater security.
- ColdFusion metrics are now sent to the cloud.
- Added Row Count to JDBC transaction history lists.
- Added DB and API time to request.log in the archive viewer.
- Added DB and API time summaries to main transaction tab.
- Added ability to view graphs as averaged/smoothed.

FusionReactor 8.7.7 released

- Added DB and API time to WebRequest summaries in Crash Protection emails.
- Added Entries for DB and API time in the request log.
- Fixed NullPointerException that occurs when using GraphQL with Spring-Boot.

FusionReactor 8.7.6 released

- In web request details, service time has been renamed to API time.
- Included CFHTTP in the request API time.

FusionReactor 8.7.5 released

- Added the ability to preview Headers in the transaction history summary views via a settings page.
- Added limits for linked transactions to protect against increased memory usage.
- Added support for ColdFusion 2021 solr.

FusionReactor 8.7.4 released

- Improvements to licensing to fix common errors that users experience.
- Improvements to debugger UI.
- Improvements to transaction views.
- Fixes for rendering CF query param timestamps.

FusionReactor 8.7.3 released

- Upgraded mail library to support newer TLS versions and security cyphers.
- Improvements to Instance Manager UI.
- Improvements to Debugger UI.
- Improvements to Settings page UI.
- Enabled Crash Protection Emails by default.

FusionReactor 8.7.2 released

- Improvements to support chat usability and user experience.
- Various bug fixes.

FusionReactor 8.7.1 released

- Improvements to support chat.
- Improvements to Redisson async tracking.
- Various bug fixes.

FusionReactor 8.7.0 released

- Support Java 15.
- Support Java 16.
- Add tracking for ColdBox Elasticsearch (cbElastic 2.0.0+).
- Add support to track Vertx 4.
- Support running Datadog and FusionReactor in the same Java process.

FusionReactor 8.6.0 released

- Add support for Adobe ColdFusion 2021.
- Add tracking for the Jest - Elasticsearch Java Client.
- Add tracking for the official Elasticsearch - Java REST Client.
- Add support for Redisson 3.13.1 to 3.13.6.
- Send Spring Boot transactions to the cloud.
- Improve licensing network lookup code to make it more robust.
- Add Freshchat into FusionReactor (available from the top right navigation bar).

FusionReactor 8.5.0 released

- Add support for Event Snapshots in FusionReactor Cloud.
- Add support for profiles on slow requests in FusionReactor Cloud.
- Add tracking for CFTHREAD on Adobe ColdFusion servers.
- Improved tracking for HTTP headers (Adobe ColdFusion / Undertow).
- Add support for new versions of:
    - OkHttp
    - Micronaut
    - Kafka client
    - Jedis

FusionReactor 8.4.0 released

- New Memory Overview Dashboard - quickly see all memory areas on one page.
- Improved the [line performance tracking](Plugins/ for CommandBox and TestBox.
- Improved the [Enterprise Dashboard](/Enterprise-Dashboard/Enterprise-Dashboard/) to show hostnames and IP addresses
- Added UI filtering to the [Enterprise Dashboard](Enterprise-Dashboard/
- Improved [decompiler](UI/ support for Java 10 to 15 classes
- Enabled [System Resources](Plugins/ on Windows when running as none System user
- Improved [JSON tracking](Plugins/ for HTTPClient GET requests.

FusionReactor 8.3.0 released

- WebRequest CPU Protection.
- Event Snapshot for ColdFusion.
- Added Arm64 support.

FusionReactor 8.2.0 released

- LDAP via Manage Logins.
- Micronaut.
- Spring Boot support.
- OkHttp support.

FusionReactor 8.1.0 released

- Enterprise Dashboard - Ephemeral Instances.
- Improved Debug User Interface.
- Improved tracking for HTTPClients, including parameters and Json Data capture.
- Improved decompiler on Java 8 or higher, it's now faster and can cope with new class file additions.

FusionReactor 8.0.0 released

- Event Snapshots are generated on re-occurring errors or log statements. These event snapshots contain the variables and call stack when these errors occur.
- JSON Capturing will capture any json request / response and attach it to the request details.
- Log capturing will make errors and warnings visible within the request details tab.
- Thread lock filtering is available on the stack trace **All threads** page.  This feature enables you to filter on thread locks, so that only threads which hold or are waiting on the specific locks are shown.